What is Storehouse?

Storehouse Foodbank is a project that aims to support families, couples and individuals in short term need of food and toiletries. Based in Trowbridge, this service began in 2006 in response to a growing need within our community. Since this time we have developed good working relationships with a range of local agencies and services aiming to support the wider community.

In April 2010 the food bank opened a referral centre. Over the years we have seen a continual growth in need and based on our latest figures serve an average of 1,400 people a year. This equates to approximately 12,600 meals.

People who access our service find themselves in difficult circumstances often through no fault of their own. They may have been made redundant or have lost work through severe illness. Some service users are attempting to rebuild their life after the breakdown of a marriage or partnership or they could be recovering from a situation of domestic violence. 

How Is Storehouse Accessed?

Access to Storehouse is available to people who are referred by a supporting professional such as a teacher, social worker, doctor, key worker, minister, community advisor or through another agreed referral agency. Provisions can be collected from our centre where individuals, couples or families will be provided with three days’ supply of food and toiletries.

Our opening hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 - 12.30

Storehouse | 24a Church Street | Trowbridge | Wiltshire | BA14 8DY
Tel: 07702583143

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What's In A Food Parcel?


The food bank only distributes non perishable items that are in good condition and in date. The cost of a food parcel can vary depending on several factors for example the price of food at any given time and the size of bag being distributed.

The contents of the food parcel may vary, but can include the following:


Baked beans
Macaroni cheese
Rice pudding


Soya mince
Burger mix
Sausage mix
Cereal bars
Angel delight
Half baked bread
Instant pasta bake
Pot noodles
Long life milk
Cuppa soup
Pasta snacks


Sanitary towels
Toilet rolls
Household cloths
Bacterial cleaning fluid
Washing up liquid

How Much Does It Cost?

storehouse - how much does it cost?

How Can I Support Storehouse?

Storehouse could not function without the help and support of local people. Individuals, businesses, churches, religious groups and charities have sought to understand the needs of their community and respond in kind by offering their help. We want to thank you!

Our vision is to build a reliable service to our community and there are several ways you can help us achieve this...

Donating Goods

Food and toiletry items can be delivered directly to the food bank between the hours of 9.30 - 12.30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or donated through the collection points located within our local supermarkets. We would also ask that you kindly check that any donations you make are in date. This will save any unnecessary wastage.

Storehouse Foodbank
West Wilts Vineyard | 24A Church Street | BA14 8DY



Setting up a donation point

You may be a business, community service, or individual that would like to set up a temporary or long term donation point in your work place or local community. We think this is a great idea and would love to hear from you if this is the case.

Group donations: If you are a group that would like to do a collection on our behalf - we would be delighted and would love to hear from you - please drop us a line and we will be in contact to explore this further. We work with local schools, guides, scouts and youth projects who regularly collect and raise funds for this service.

Financial Giving

Financial donations enable us to purchase not only specific items required, but also take advantage of bulk buying. If you wish to donate you can do so by the following means:

Online Giving


If you would prefer to send a cheque, you can do so to the following address.

Storehouse | 24a Church Street | Trowbridge | Wilts BA14 0DR

All Cheques made payable to West Wilts Vineyard

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Your Say

I started volunteering at SHFB four years ago after being a service user. It’s really humbling to be part of the team. I know how frustrating and hard it is to make that  first step to ask for help but it’s a great and calm atmosphere to come into for support. Being here has helped me with my confidence because being homeless, which I was at the time, makes you feel vulnerable and stripped of your humanity. Being a part of the team has helped me, our team feels like family because we support each other and can share our ups and downs. The difference this service makes to people is that it gives them hope and place they can feel secure in.

Storehouse, Volunteer

This is my second year at storehouse, I started by donating food and was then invited to join the team. At that time I didn't really leave my house so it was a big step for me. At first I found it really hard because I was so nervous. I used to get sick and panic about being around others. But over time my confidence has been built and now I love it! I am now responsible for organising the storage space and I  spend a lot of time working behind the scenes checking food, rotating stock and packing for clients. I also collect donations from the super markets when needed. The food bank has been a really supportive place and has helped me with my recovery. I really love to help people and seeing other people in need or in despair getting support is really rewarding

Storehouse, Volunteer

We found ourselves quite literally homeless - on park benches and living under trees. We were given the details of Storehouse by the CAB and from our first meeting we were provided with helpful conversation, support in terms of food, which we had none. Due to various circumstances we had difficulty registering for Job Seekers Allowances and for 11 weeks continued to pop into the food bank. We were always made welcome.


Contact Us

Storehouse Foodbank is co-ordinated by Chris Neighbour.

If you would require any further information regarding this service please feel free to contact us.